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Protect the Environment by Choosing Botanical Pest Control

It is very important to us at Rizon Pest Solutions to be as botanical friendly as possible. Our regular maintenance techniques include botanical insecticides, which are derived from plants, as well as other preventative measures. If there is a major infestation in a home, we would possibly need to use some more traditional pest methods, but we would certainly discuss these with the homeowner before use.


Most homeowners in Modesto, CA appreciate the organic movement and want to use products that are less harmful to children or pets. We understand this and that is why we offer botanical pest control. Most commercial pest control methods include harmful and toxic chemicals that wipe out not only pests, but most other things in their path. Local wildlife, pets, and other living things may be harmed. Botanical insecticides utilize plants that have evolved over time to repel creatures. Nature has done a great job of creating botanical friendly solutions to pest problems.


In addition to using chemicals and botanical pest control, we also utilize other methods to keep your home pest free. These include removing wasp nests and spider webs, filling holes and cracks with caulking and foam, dusting weep holes in masonry, treating the fence line, and performing visual inspections. Our experienced staff knows how to find problem areas and will alert homeowners to any parts of their property that may need attention. Performing regular home maintenance is the most environmentally green pest control solution there is. Our company guarantees results and our methods have been proven over the past 19 years that we have been in the pest control industry .

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