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What Does a WDO Termite Inspection Include?

WDO stands for wood destroying organisms. If you are buying a new home, it is very important to have a professional come to perform a WDO termite inspection. A termite infestation can be very costly and even wreak havoc on the structural integrity of a house. It is difficult to know if a home is infested by termites by simply looking at the outside of the structure. An inspector will not only look for the presence of termites and wood rot, but also look for conditions that might lead to a termite infestation in the future. These conditions include a foundation with cracks, plumbing leaks that could lead to wood rot and attract pests, wood siding that touches the soil, firewood or other deteriorating wood stored near the home, and landscaping that does not slope away from the foundation.


When searching for termite treatment cost, you will find that termite prevention is much cheaper than termite treatment. There are three standard treatments used for termites, soil treatment, wood treatment, and bait systems. Even after a termite infestation has been abated, there will likely be structural damages that would need to be addressed. Termites can eat into your home's structure. They can cause damage to wall studs, joists, support beams, and posts. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage, so an infestation can prove to be very costly. Do your research when calling around to check on the termite treatment cost near me. The cheapest company may not always be your best option. It is also important to have a professional check for evidence of termites before purchasing a home. This issue could be very costly for a new owner to deal with.

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