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Call Rizon Pest Solutions When Looking for Pest Control 

The best way to keep pest control is to set up a maintenance plan for your property. Doing a thorough evaluation and taking care of problem areas will keep an infestation from happening. It can get very expensive to deal with an infestation. Not only will there be a need to get rid of the problem pest, but also to possibly repair your home.


For instance, if mice find a way into the walls of your home, they could leave behind very costly damages. They will leave droppings behind, possibly chew through wiring or pipes, gnaw on wood, disturb insulation, and build nests. Not only will we need to get the mice out of your home, but you will likely end up incurring more costs to repair the damages inside your walls.


Our company will do a thorough examination of your property and make sure that there are no places that pests can get into your home. Our team is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what to look for when walking the property. We will alert you to any problems we see. Call us for pest control prices. We often have specials and also offer free services for referrals. Spread the word to your friends and family members in the area and save. Our company uses the latest technology and monthly plans start at just $45. We offer competitive pest control prices as well as a guarantee. Shop around, but be aware that those who offer very cheap pest control may not always be the best. We know Modesto, CA and we would be honored to work with you to keep your home pest free at a reasonable cost.

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