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Carpet beetle preparation sheet

All may not apply to your specific situation. If you have any questions please just let us know.

Move light furniture and items away from walls. Large, hard to move furniture pieces can remain in place.Remove as many items as possible off of wool carpets or rugs.Remove vent covers from HVAC systems and vacuum out the ducting. Empty out all closets (shoes, clothes, stored items).Remove dresser drawers from dressers if signs of infestation noted in these areas. Make undersides of sinks in kitchens and in bathrooms accessible. If needed, remove all items from shelves and cupboards in food storage areas. Clean cupboards prior to treatment. Do not clean shelves or cupboards after treatment.Do not place open food stuffs directly on treated surfaces. Clean area under laundry machines.

Make crawlspace and attic access areas available for technician. Let the technician know if you have ever had any prior rodent or bird infestations. Point out any antique furniture that is stuffed with horsehair or covered in wool. Cover aquariums and turn of any aerators during treatment. 

During the treatment people and pets should not be present during the treatment and for at least four additional hours afterward (5 hours total). The front door will have a posted note informing you of the earliest re-entry time. 

After the treatment: Do not re-enter before the 4 hours are over. Do not contact treated surfaces until they are dry. Open up doors and windows and aerate for 30 minutes. Wipe down all exposed food preparation surfaces with soapy water. Turn aquarium aerator back on. 

The Carpet beetle life cycle takes up to one year to complete. You might continue to see some carpet beetles. An ongoing service program for this insect is common due to its long life and the serious damage it can cause to wool clothes, carpets, and leather. You can help safeguard your clothing by investing in tight fitting, air tight storage bags and boxes for wool clothes.

Never treat a pest control issue with any of your own products. Additional products applied can be unsafe and will only make pest problems worse. If additional products are applied outside of those applied by expert pest control any warranties offered will be void. 

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