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Flea Preparation Sheet

Make sure to follow all instructions for a proper treatment. thank you!

Flea Preparation Sheet

Residents and pets must be out of the home for 3 hours after service is performed.

  Vacuum – All carpets, rugs, and furniture, especially between and under cushions. Be sure to dispose of vacuum bag when completed.

  CLEAN AND CLEAR ALL FLOORS – Even closet floors must be cleared of all objects to give your pest control professional access to all floor surfaces. Mop all tile, laminate and vinyl floors. Sweep all concrete floors.

  REMOVE PETS – Pets cannot remain in the home during the treatment. Fish bowls and aquariums may remain if properly covered. Air supply must be turned off, and the aquarium must be completely covered with a towel or sheet.

  CLEAN PET BEDDING – All pet bedding must be washed or disposed of. If laundering, wash pet bedding separately from other linens.

Normal vacuuming can be resumed 24 hours after your home has been treated.


Residents and pets must stay off the yard for 3 hours after service is performed or until dry.

  MOWING – The yard must be mowed just prior to the treatment to ensure an accurate application to the treatment area. The shorter the grass height is will increase the effectiveness the treatment will have

  WATERING – It is very important to thoroughly water the yard before treatment. This will allow for more fleas to hatch and come to the surface into the treatment area.

  CLUTTER – Please remove all pet toys, yard furniture, hoses, and anything else that may obstruct the technician from performing the treatment. The more area treated will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Do not be alarmed if you see some fleas up to 14 days after the treatment. These fleas are typically newly hatched from their protective pupae case and will be killed by the residual effects from the treatment. If activity is the same or has increased after 14 days, notify our office to schedule a re-service.

Pets MUST be treated for fleas the same day the flea treatment is rendered.

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