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Indoor general pest preparation sheet

Indoor general pest treatment is needed from time to time. The areas normally treated is where spiders/silverfish/ants/earwigs roam. These areas may include; baseboards, ceiling corners and around window frames and door frames. Possible dusting of attic and/or subareas. Proper preparation is import in order to achieve the best possible results.

Pick up all loose articles off the floors: shoes, books, magazines, clothing etc If possible, move furniture away from the walls Vacuum well in corners and behind furniture to remove built up dust and debris Kitchen: Put all food away including fruit, butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers etc. (put into cabinets or drawers)Bathrooms: Put tooth brushes, soaps and toiletries into drawers or cabinets Closets: If you wish closets to be treated-remove items from the floor and shelves (hanging clothes can stay)Be prepared to leave the home for 4 hours for the drying time.Once the home has been treated, please allow 10-14 days to see results. Expect 80 % control. spiders/silverfish/ants/earwigs can be seen before it dies and it is normal to see an occasional spider.

Please call our office if you have any questions.

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