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Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Instructions

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Instructions

Prior to preparation of your home, DO NOT move any furniture or belongings from its original location to another location in your home. Doing so may infest non-infested areas of your home.

  Please make arrangements and efforts to complete all of the following instructions prior to the initial treatments of your home

  If Preparation procedures are not complete, RIZON PEST SOLUTIONS will have to reschedule your treatment until all items are complete and you will incur a $50.00 trip charge.

Please Complete the Following Prior to Initial Bed Bug Treatment

1. Laundry

Bag all items that can be laundered, dry cleaned, or dried in a dryer. This is everything in closets, all linen on all beds, everything in dressers, nightstands, anything in the hamper. All items that can be laundered, CLEAN OR NOT CLEAN must be laundered in HOT WATER SETTING.

  This must be completed prior to initial treatment.

  Use NEW BAGS when laundry items are finished


  Place all bags in kitchen or bathroom once laundered

  Remove all plastics from bedding i.e. mattress, box spring, and etc.

2. Non-Laundry Items

All non-laundry items must be removed from drawers, shelves, nightstands, closets, and anything of the like.

  Remove all items from top of dressers, chest of drawers, night stands, tables, etc.


  Closet should be completely empty. Even clothes hangers must be removed.

  During the removal of these items please look over each item for bed bugs.

  Please all items that aren’t infested in kitchen or bathroom

  All stuffed animals must be cleaned and dried as per manufacturer’s tag.

3. Furniture

Please move any furniture and like items away from the baseboard to allow access for inspection/treatment. BEDS MUST BE PROPPED AGAINST THE WALL. *If you need assistance moving larger items, please MAKE ARRANGEMENTS PRIOR TO INITIAL TREATMENT FOR HELP NEEDED.

4. Pictures and Décor

Have ALL framed pictures, or hung décor, removed from walls and placed in same area for inspection and if necessary, treatment as applicable. Remove outlet fixtures, switches, wall bookshelves, and etc.

5. Floors

All floors need to be clear of ANY AND ALL items and thoroughly vacuumed prior to all treatments.

*When finished vacuuming, empty bad or receptacle on vacuum and immediately take your trash out. Please vacuum home daily after treatment.

6. Post Treatment Procedure.

To avoid laundering all items prior to each visit, make arrangements to comfortably live without returning all laundered items back in dressers and closets until program is finished.

All other items can be put back into their original location. However, they must be removed for each treatment. DO NOT PREFORM ANY TREATMENTS OF YOUR OWN. NO HOME REMEDIES. This could alter the effectiveness of the treatment and prolong the control of your home. DO NOT UNZIP COVERS FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR MATTRESS FOR ANY REASON.

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