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Roach Preparation Sheet

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Roach Preparation Sheet

All residents and household pets should plan to be out of the house for a minimum of four (4) hours. Any fish tanks unable to be removed must be covered and sealed in such a way that no chemical can contaminate the water supply.

A) Please remove drawers and all items from you cabinets including under sink areas in both kitchen and bathroom. There is to be nothing left on the counters or floors. Place all items into a separate room and cover with a thick blanket or drop cloth. This is a standard precaution to prevent any overspray from coming in contact with residents belongings. If this standard is not met then your pest control operator will not be able to spray in the mentioned areas. Roaches usually live in cracks, crevices, near moist areas,particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore it is essential that the Pest Control Operator treat all these areas.

B) If you have observed roaches, in other areas, such as bedrooms, closets, in the utility room or in any other areas, be sure to inform your Service Technician that cockroaches exist in these locations as well. If bedrooms, living room and dining room need to be treated please remove all belongings from desks, night stands, dressers, entertainment centers, etc. Any areas you want sprayed must have all items removed or IT WILL NOT BE SPRAYED. Move everything away from the baseboard to allow your pest control operator to gain access to those areas to spray.

C) Please remove all excess spilled food (crumbs etc.) from the cabinets, using a sponge or wiping cloth.

D) Very important not to wipe or wash inside your cabinets after we have treated; this will remove the chemicals.

E) After your treatment you can expect the insecticide to create a different behavior in the insects resulting in more exposed activity for 5 to 7 days.

Sanitation is the most important step for effective, long lasting German cockroach control. Food material must be-eliminated as much as possible and harborage areas sealed where possible.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!

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